28 April 2010


NARAYA是由娜拉贸易股 份有限公司-MrsWasn & Mr Vassilions Lathouras 夫妇共同与1989年10月6日创立 至今超过20年的历史

它保有最优良品质的产品,从漂亮时髦手提包到实用的厨房用品,所有的产品皆经过严 格筛选的布料及装饰用品。所有的原料及制作技术都是来自于有声望的泰国手工艺品



Family Beginnings
Narai Intertrade Co., Ltd. was originally founded in 1989 by Vassilios and Wasna Lathouras.
Khun Wasna was born to a large Chinese family which owned a grocery store in Bangkok.  Vassilios, a Greek businessman, came to Thailand to try his fortune in Asia.  While visiting the Ancient City in Samut Prakan, he met a tour guide named Khun Wasna, and the rest became history.
The name NaRaYa comes from the Hindu god Phra Narai, who is more commonly known as Vishnu – the supreme god of Hinduism.  The name was chosen for its auspicious meaning as well as for the simplicity of pronunciation across speakers of many different languages.

NaRaYa’s Handbags 
NaRaYa’s handbags started it all.  Our collections of fabric handbags are seen all over the world.  From the inside out, we put every attention to detail into our bags.  Supple materials, distinctive patterns and vibrant colors characterize NaRaYa’s designs.

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